VIDEO: Steelers RB Le’Veon Bell’s BITTER Ex Girlfriend Has “Meltdown” After He Goes Out With NEW Girlfriend!!

BeFunky-collage (8)

It really seems to me that this chick got sold a dream that was never going to manifest. So now she is one of many disgruntled ex girlfriends of athletes who use social media to get revenge on there exes.

Here Are Posts From Jourdan & Pics Of Other Women Le’Veon Is With

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This Is The Video Of Jourdan’s Meltdown

Why Is She asking herself questions that she already knew the answers to?! Guys like Le’Veon wants to control the women they deal with & until they realize this, they will continue to get sold dreams.

Here Are Some Pics Of Le’Veon’s Ex Girlfriend Jourdan

Screenshot_2018-08-13 JOURDAN TAYLOR TRTANJ on Instagram “G E M I N I • S E A S O N Check out thecalibarcollection 💕” Screenshot_2018-08-13 JOURDAN TAYLOR TRTANJ on Instagram “Designer thigh-highs it_s my lifestyle #chunli” Screenshot_2018-08-13 JOURDAN TAYLOR TRTANJ on Instagram “Rosé All Day ✨”

Screenshot_2018-08-13 JOURDAN TAYLOR TRTANJ on Instagram “Happy Fourth🇺🇸”   tyaloro Screenshot_2018-08-13 JOURDAN TAYLOR TRTANJ on Instagram “My first #Ultra was an amazing experience 💕 I wouldn_t have want[...]


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AUDIO: Omarosa “Secret Recording Of John Kelly FIRING Her From White House

Paula White Motivational Talk At The Harvard Club - January 27, 2006

Since being fired from her whiter house position, Omarosa has been on a public dragging campaign of Donald Trump.It went from post white house interviews, to Big Brother: Celebrity, then to new claims about him being “racist” she is making in her upcoming book.

It seems the audio below is the promo point for her book, but i still don’t get how a woman who called Trump her “best friend” now thinks people are going to believe her now?!

Here’s The Audio Below Of Her Firing…

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RECEIPTS: Iggy Azalea Has Twitter MELTDOWN After Getting CURVED By Deandre Hopkins

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Smh Iggy Azalea’s self esteem has hit an all time low when she got too ahead of herself by making it public she was dating Houston Texans  WR Deandre Hopkins after he commented on her pic

Once he thought about it, he than took to twitter to proclaim he was “single”…so Iggy than followed he & posted she was “single” too but there was a little more…

Here Are Posts Of The Events…

DeAndre-Hopkins-Iggy-Azalea-10-768x898-595x696Dj84MD0W4AIaGKS  iggy2  dhopkins

vIgKVUn 5b6c6943a8272

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VIDEO: K.Michelle BRAGS About Why She Didnt Have Sex W/ Lesean McCoy Or Chad Ocho Cinco

Singer/Reality Tv thizzot K.Michelle did an interview in the video above on her career, removing fake silicon ass & the men she dated (mostly slept with).This pillow talking from her isnt new but she hit an all time low by speaking on dick sizes & FAILED attempt at dating Lesean McCoy.

This interview really highlighted why her dating life has been so messy for so long.

Here Are Some Before & After Pics Of K.Michelle…

K-Michelle-Before-After-Butt-Removed.png   K.Michelle-600x423



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