When Hoodrats Attack Pt1





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I am a blogger & Youtuber with an interesting perspective on things that interest me.
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11 Responses to When Hoodrats Attack Pt1

  1. MY Brawler says:

    I heard that she was Puerto Rican.


  2. Bi Pi says:

    Brothers need to do themselves a favor and not deal with these types of women. They are only good for getting pregnant, having the police throw you in jail, or getting you killed because of something stupid.


  3. silentthriller says:

    I like that one where he suplexed that bitch.

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  4. Always Learnin' says:

    How do you like this video? I couldn’t see the thumbs up for this one here.

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  5. coma hymn says:

    pull over snatch her ass up and out ASAP.👍 it doesn’t matter what race she is a bitch is a bitch and will remain a BITCH !


  6. comahymm says:

    step 1 pull over,step 2snatch her ass up and out.it doesn’t matter what race she is::a bitch is a bitch.don.t trying to figure out what’s wrong with just toss the HO.. keep it 100.


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