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Insane Elder Femicunt Goes NUTS On Guy After He Asked For A Refund


OK, first off somebody needs to come get their senile grandma because the “Cuck” husband has no intentions on doing so.This is really sad to see because she is too damn old to be trying to chest bump & push a young guy who wasn’t bothering her,but felt the need to be “Violent”like a young ratchet…lol

Stuff like this just shows you how lost american women are & how deeply rooted feminism is with these women.In the video you can tell this guy asserting himself “Triggered” her into wanting to fight a man half her age, smh. She has been use to beta males who aren’t confident or intelligent to hold them accountable or actually stop them from making a FOOL of themselves.

If I was that guy I would of slapped “Thee Sheeet” out of her,then blamed it on her husband for not “Checking” her for putting her hands on me.

Man its a very different world because women would NEVER openly act like this unless they’ve realize how empowered they government has made them & how weak society,feminism & SJW’s have made men.


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  1. Glad in a few weeks – months (hopefully) I’m going to be receiving my CCW. After that gonna save up up for a pistol and lessons at the local gun range. This Shit is outta control, cuck ass husband SMFH.

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  2. I feel that violence should be the last resort to any problem but that young man would have been well within his rights to knock her and her beta male husband into next week.

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  3. Just imagine if the roles had been reversed. That old cunt would have never tried that with another woman because there would have been the possibility of some fire coming back at her ass.

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