Culture Wars

Violent Chick BEATS ON BF In front Of Their Child.



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  1. The child is laughing because violence is funny to children, the child started crying when it saw that it was serious. I hope she gets arrested and I also wish that he would have put her in her place. Equal rights means equal lefts if you catch my drift.


  2. That guy showed a hell of a lot of restraint when that chick should have been KO’ed like Glass Joe. Your analysis was spot on as always. Keep spreading the truth brother!


  3. I am so glad you commented on this one….I legit seen this yesterday and I couldn’t do nothing but shake my head. I guess to her taking out whatever she had on the bf right then and there was more important than letting the child not see it happening.

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  4. This saddens me so many womeb think th is behavior os appropriate. Th ey glorify and brag when tjey give there boyfriend or husband black eyes smh. Whem i make a comment that its unhealthy tjey look at me like i have 3 heads
    My uncle always told me keep your hands to yourself ypu step to a man je may knock you out like one. Just dump him if it results to violence.

    She should be ashamed at how her behavior is affecting her child. I guarantee she was raised ina dysfunctional toxic environment.


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