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Black Woman KICKS OUT Her Immigrant BF After He SMASHED Her Roommate

This unattractive female livestreams kicking out her BF & also threatens to have him deported because her slept with her roommate.

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  1. Lol funny how she dropped about how he a illegal immigrant, and he a sorry ass rapper and all that, but hell why the hell did you fool with him? She better be glad that nigga fucked with her cause she aint cute lol. Talking bout nothing to offer? Like you do??!!! Ha!!! I woulda snatched that damn phone out of her hands!

  2. (In the words of T.I.) I have one question….Is ya happy? All of that recording telling both of their business to the world did/does what? Smh

  3. She should be happy he stayed with her tbh lol not too many guys will openly be with fat chicks

  4. Is anyone surprised that the minute he got her angry she threatened to call the “evil White man” on him and have him arrested? Pathetic.

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