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Angry Woman GOES OFF On Her Fiance’s Sister During Bachelorette Party

This is one of the most dysfunctional women I’ve seen in awhile & thats saying alot… lol

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  1. Seems as if the fiancee is trying to pull rank on the sister. I think there were some ongoing issues between the two that surfaced after she got drunk.

    I don’t envy the guy that is marrying this woman at all.

  2. Typical!!! Just intensely typical…..This is what these anti-trump slut march on washington/ a day w/o women femicunts are today. A bunch of infantile MISS-FIT “CUNT B*TCH” savage cocaine purses. And she’s right about one thing like I always say and call them…”CUNT B*TCHES!!!”
    When you live in ‘cuntry’ that benefits femicunts ONLY, its all justifiable to act like an uncouth sh*tty trifling hooker mouth.

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