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Guy Sets Up Fake Proposal With Cheating Girlfriend.

Well this is what happens when cheating on 2 men goes wrong lol

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  1. I still love me some attractive light skinned and mixed chicks but shit like this is toooo common with them here in Philadelphia. They’ll be leading dudes on for days-years like it’s nothing.


  2. You see how fucking hypocritical bitches are? when he was proposing to her they were like awww.. that’s so sweet but when he fucking busted her ass they’re saying oh well talk to her later she’s at work you can’t do this now

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  3. I had a similar situation happen to me back in 1998. It was with my sister’s husband’s brother. My sister came over with him and she cracked, so I threw her out and she went home and called me putting on a show of crying and apologizing. Too late honey. They always feel guilty after they’ve been caught but have no feelings when doing it. MGTOW.


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