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A Girl Twerks Next To Her Baby While Her Grandma Records It

This is disturbing because not only is the “Granddaughter” twerking next to her baby, but the “Grandma” is filming & twerking herself!

This is all too common in the black community…just no accountability & too much degenerate behavior.

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  1. Lmao im pretty sure she got fucked by some dudes while the baby was in the room. Wtf is this shit?? Smh i bet the grandmama record the sextape too huh? This is truly sad!!

  2. The Grandma probably taught her the civil rights version of twerking to combat white supremacy lol

  3. But these chicks want you to treat them like a queen. These bitches are disgusting. Watch out for that baby to be breaking into someone’s house or robbing people in 13 to 14 years if it’s a boy, if it’s a girl she’ll be pregnant early and the cycle will continue.

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