A Girl Twerks Next To Her Baby While Her Grandma Records It

This is disturbing because not only is the “Granddaughter” twerking next to her baby, but the “Grandma” is filming & twerking herself!

This is all too common in the black community…just no accountability & too much degenerate behavior.


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11 Responses to A Girl Twerks Next To Her Baby While Her Grandma Records It

  1. Yung Dynamic says:

    Lmao im pretty sure she got fucked by some dudes while the baby was in the room. Wtf is this shit?? Smh i bet the grandmama record the sextape too huh? This is truly sad!!


  2. Christopher Grant says:

    The Grandma probably taught her the civil rights version of twerking to combat white supremacy lol

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  3. Bi Pi says:

    But these chicks want you to treat them like a queen. These bitches are disgusting. Watch out for that baby to be breaking into someone’s house or robbing people in 13 to 14 years if it’s a boy, if it’s a girl she’ll be pregnant early and the cycle will continue.

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  4. Deej says:

    It looks like she shot this before/after church.


  5. Gbenga Ajayi says:

    this is absolutely disgustingly crazy..i just threw up!

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  6. boshogg31 says:

    Ratched ass bloodline

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