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Spoiled Brat Teen Destroys Her Mothers Possessions For Lying To Her!!

I really wouldn’t care if her mother decided to kick her out of the house for doing this dumb shit.This spoiled teen thot think its ok to destroy kitchen ware she didn’t even buy because she’s mad.

There is no way I would allow this proper hoodrat disrespect me & think it ok because they’re “Mad”.Most young people of today have no discipline or respect for their parents because they have been spoiled by this society don’t know what it is like to struggle.

This video also shows no matter the upbringing most women will act like idiots.

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  1. Lol i betcha she wouldnt have dared to do that if it was her father just raising her….He probably would have ground pounded her then kicked her out. Just goes to show you it takes two to make it happen. She can call child services if she want to, cause I would have skinned her lol

  2. Just breaking that milk glass bowl would have got her ass beat and thrown out the door

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