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BREAKING: Cleveland Shooter Kills Himself After Police Pursuit In PA

According to reports, Steve Stephens “Killed” Himself after a short pursuit on Erie County, PA during a traffic stop.This was a story that got ALOT of media attention & also has YouTube Demonetizing videos on the topic, which is why its here on my website.

Some people might ask me “Why do you care about demonetization, you shouldn’t do it for the money”…It isn’t about that, its about getting a return on my work like any else & because its a platform that should allow people who follow the guidelines to benefit from it monetization just like anyone.


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  1. Can you believe they already got conspiracy theories on this stuff? Lol but all jokes aside, I aint never see black folks wanting white cops to find and kill a black guy so bad man. Kinda makes you wonder….Somehow someway, black lives matter may rear their ugly head in this.

  2. I messed up on that last comment. I meant to say I doubt if black lives matter rear their ugly head in this. It’s always a hoax when it’s a black on black crime but nothing when a white person does it.

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