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Black Athletes And Why They Marry Biracial Women!!

This video is about black athletes & why they are choosing to date or marry mixed women over other women.

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  1. That’s something I noticed myself long ago. A lot of these athletes, rappers/entertainers don’t want to be labeled a sellout for having a preference of nonblac (mainly white) women, so they get with mixed chicks knowing that most blacks except half breeds as ‘still black’ because of the one-drop rule.

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  2. You are spot on with your video. Even though I’m not a black professional athlete, I tend to have more attraction for mixed chicks, hispanic chicks, and also asian chicks.

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  3. Some blk men love what white men love. They love what the white man told them is beautiful. People still have a slave mentality. Dark skin women are looked at as the worst, ugly, masculine, and black men/dark skin men want light skin babies with “good hair” b/c they don’t want them to be treated as they were treated. White is right, 1/2 white is 1/2 right. Cicely Tyson said dark skin women are the bottom of the totem pole. So from top to bottom it’s: white man, white woman, black man, dark skin man, light skin woman and dark skin woman.


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