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VIDEO: Fed Up Man PUNCHES Thug Woman In Her Face After She Hit Him

This video only goes to show how hypocritical people when it comes to men being punished for hitting a woman back. These are 2 different angles of the incident at the Royals game where a man & woman caught the altercation on camera.

In the first one, the female acted as if the guy was the aggressor, but the second video a man was recording it & said “She just walked up & hit him” Now that makes alot more sense as to why the gut was so upset to the point of punching the woman back.

And of course the guy was arrested, not the idiot woman who hit him FIRST bcuase it is the “PC” thing to do, smh.



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  1. There was a time that I would care about the welfare of that woman. Now, I just don’t! Last time I intervened was not because I wanted to safeguard the woman’s safety but, wanted to prevent repercussions to a guy. Good thing the guy got it when I explained it to him but, I am done defending women. She should have been arrested in this incident.

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  2. We men need to stick together. Not sure if the guy in the 2nd video left his seat to go give witness testimony for that guy who got arrested. If he didn’t and just continued to watch the game then he’s full of shyt.

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  3. That’s why I think that if you are going to fight the man like a man. Then I think she should get whooped and taught a lesson about hitting males that are physically stronger.

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  4. Beats me having to have a baseball slam directly onto the top off my head before bouncing off and then someone else catches it. No wonder I am now more likely to be seated at the front if it hurts me to try it. Next time, I will attend a baseball game wearing either a bike or a football helmet.


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