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Teen Couple Markeice “Mari” Brown & Mercedes Shaday Smith Commits Suicide Days Apart After Mari Brown Posts Video on Facebook Live


This is a sad story that shows how unhappy people are these days, even though they may seem happy & in love, their are problems that aren’t visible.The fact that this young couple couldn’t rely on family & friends shows why they couldn’t live without each other.This guy was harassed & cyber bullied into being guilty for his girlfriend ending her own life by her so called who didn’t even care about her.So he made a video to express his grief & guilt for being blamed, then takes his life also.


From the reading varies articles, she was a in college for communications & on the track team, he was into fashion design & wanted a career in it. Two young people with so much promise, but was cut short due to emotional issues & absolutely NO support from anyone.This couple was also expecting a child which made this story very much so unfortunate.

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  1. wow wow wow!! This is truly sad! Crazy how both family and friends harassed them and they both gone. Thats why i truly dont go to funerals. You can tell the difference between the person who did something for a person vs the one who didnt, but they showin this fake sorrow. It looks like that guy still getting harassed even after death, because aint nobody supported him on gofundme. Man there arent too many words to say for this

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