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NFL Draft Prospect Corey Davis’s Sister Wants Ass Implants With HIS NFL Money!

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Smh I have feeling Corey Smith is going to be doing an interview speaking on how family are spending TOO much of his money. I’m not going to say she is a bad person but I just dont think she will adjust to his new lifestyle as a pro athlete.

LINK TO TMZ VIDEOhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCkRiKq9Nig

It can be a culture shock for some people who have never had alot of money to then be over night millionaires. I just hope him being in college four years prepares him & other prospects for the change.Because just by looking at the people who will walk this path with him, they will need all the patience & financial planning they can get.

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  1. Dark skinned chick who’s one of seven siblings (possibly all bastards by several different men) red weave, lip/face piercings, tattoo on chest, and cooning it up in front of the white (he sounds Caucasian) camera man/reporter with a fake valley girl accent about how she wouldn’t mind her brother to purchase a fake butt for her…you can’t make this up.

    • These chicks are just disgusting. If that man makes it in the nfl they are going to try to shame him into taking care of them.

  2. Lmao I think he literally might do this because if he dont, she’s gonna shame him into it. The simp light is gonna come on lol.

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