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Ghetto Black Chick Gets Upset & KICKS IN Door To Fight Chinese Cook!! | JDB Media

Well this video doesn’t make black women look bad does it? The people who are responsible for the image being down the drain…is THEM. This ratchet GI Joe decided to kick in a restaurant door to fight a female cook who she thought”Disrespected her” by taking to long to make her food, but the bitch wasn’t even ordering anything.

If the Asians would’ve shoot at her, then you would have all these race baiting ┬ámorons saying how they are racist & responsible trying to defend themselves with force against this chick. Hoodrats like this only make black look bad & shouldn’t be defended from accountability.

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  1. Just plain stupidity. She needs to pay for that property. Don’t worry one day she’s going to get that ass waxed. Hope you do a video on this.

  2. Yeah her fucked up decisions really made her strong i guess lol. The fact that you did all this for no reason makes it so much worse!

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