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VIDEO: Black Mom Pulls Gun On Barber Because Her Son’s Haircut Is Taking Too Long!!

This is the reason people think single mothers are incompetent & cant raise kids by themselves.This type of behavior is overlooked & excused because the black community protects the dysfunctional behavior.

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  1. I was a 16 year old kid in Philadelphia working at a steaks and hoagie shop. When I was cleaning and the store was closed I got threaten with a revolver because the lady I was working for got nippy with a late arrival. Without any provocation she told the guy outside the door, ” We are closed M#5ther F^cker. Go f^ck yourself”. He pulled a revolver, pointed at the revolver and said, I’m going to shoot him you f^cking bitch. So it was me in the 1980s, in my summer job late at night being threaten because an African American woman could not be proper in her communication with a stranger. That is my experience working with an African American woman. A provoked threat to my life.

  2. She only did that because it was a white woman. I guarantee she wouldn’t have done that to someone black.

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