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VIDEO: Guy Breaks Down In Tears After Seeing His Girlfriend Kissing Another Guy At A Party!!

This is why its very important for young men to learn not to for in love with most young females because they aren’t looking for any love or long term relationships.

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  1. What a complete bitch move to play this guy in front of his friends. Hope it’s a lesson learned for him in the future.

  2. Thats what all young men need to learn! Not to lean on females. its very rare for the high school sweethearts to last long, and even if it does, its holding together by a very thin thread. Thats why I believe if you marry, do it when you are financially and emotionally ready. But even a simple relationship like this nowadays dont mean nothing. Everyone is so bent on titles but they dont claim it.

  3. Wish that I could tell the young fella that there’s plenty more chicks out there. Plus at that young age he shouldn’t be tying himself down to one girl anyways.

  4. For him to see that and cry and she knows he’s there isn’t it obvious that he’s a softie? She probably knows he is weak and doesn’t respect him and doesn’t value the relationship. Most girls would have stopped kissing when they know the bf catch them but not in this case because most likely she is accustomed to dealing with other guys in from of him. Either that or this video is fake. If i was him there’s no way I would be dissed like that in a party in front my friends. I would share some blows

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