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VIDEO: Weirdo Ratchet Parents Coach Their Daughter During A Fight In The Woods!!

No matter the ethnicity of of most parents, their seems to be a degenerate mindset with them because this is disgusting display of bad parenting. To coach your daughter to get beat up in a fight she didn’t even want to be in shows how this white hoodrat mom & beta male husband are weak, petty people who could never fight or beat anyone in a fight themselves so they have their kids fight others.


This so called mother made herself look like a foul mouth bully by saying very disparaging things about a teenager who could probably kick her ass.I guess this is parenting in 2017, grown F’N people recording their kid fight & cheering it on like a bunch of savages.This POS even threaten to Beat up her own daughter if she didn’t fight the other girl as if this bitch has won anything fight ever.

I really hope that girl would’ve just dropkick this cowardly bitch for coaching & cheering on this fight.

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  1. supp jaye..this is james aj and this is my account just so you know whenever you see a comment or likes lol..keep up the good work bro..always in for this clip well they are just following in the footsteps of black i’m not suprised..they have been allies and partners in crimes since the 70s.

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  2. You Nailed it! those parents have never been in a fight , and even if they were in a fight, they would LOOSE! these parents are disgusting! teaching their kids to solve problems with violence instead of using their minds and logic. unfortunate this behavior is everywhere in every race, and i see it in white people , especially rednecks all the time. i hate the blue pill mindset . that bluepill mindset is what this fuckery stems from. got to share this JDB! keep on keepin on, never give up and never surrender.

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  3. LMAO im pretty sure if that girl in the red would have been all in on the fight, she would have beat the other girls ass. They coaching this girl like it was million dollar baby lol. These people are prime examples of when they were complete losers when they were younger, now that they have children they have all these expectations for them they were never good to fufill

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