Black Privileged Students Will Hold “Segregated” Graduate Ceremony At Harvard.


This is another example of privileged black students seeking validation from other black people.I don’t get what this will accomplish, it will further divide college campuses with the SJW nonsense.I have no issue with them wanting to do something productive, but their are alot of ways to help blacks instead of photo opts & wanting to trend on twitter.

LINK TO ARTICLES OF REFERENCE: http://www.theroot.com/black-students-at-harvard-will-host-individual-graduati-1794977320



There is nothing worse than trying to be trendy & symbolic at the same time, how does a person accept doing this? How about helping black people get jobs, learn a skill trade, get them into colleges as well.Just raising money to do a symbolic graduation, but STILL attend the main graduation ceremony proves these types of black people will always want to be around white people & validated by them too.


LINK TO VIDEO COMMENTARY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sH31Y8b9HM4


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  1. I swear I dont get it. Most of those black kids did not come from a down trodded neighborhood. What gives for this separate graduation? I guess they gotta act up since bethune acted up over betsy devos huh? Lol!!

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