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Why Chilli Of TLC “All Lives Matter” Comments Makes Sense?


Chilli made some valid points in her interview when asked about black activism in america.She said she never marched for black issues & would be outraged if ANY young male with killed by police or other authority figures.Even if she meant well with her comments, the “Black thought Police” will have an issue with what she said.



These buffoonish, coonish Negros who act pro black online all day but tap dance for their white employers offline at their jobs (JDB Laugh).She is entitled to her opinion just like these like the weak males who called Beyonce a “King” on twitter while bashing this sister.From the fake outrage from her comments, it shows only certain opinions are accepted.


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  1. Stefan Molyneux has a point with blacks having average low IQs compared to other racial groups. Nobody seems to regress to the level that we do.

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  2. Lol my baby said some bold shit! Best believe its gonna be plenty of fake outrage flying in on her just like lil wayne’s interview. Anyone that doesnt support blm or says “all lives matter” automatically gets the coon label for some damn reason lmao.

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