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VIDEO: Black Chick Goes VIRAL Lighting Firecracker With Her Butt

Via @Goviralgeyer

I guess some people will do anything to go viral…lol


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  1. Lmao and the crazy part about it is she a stud. HOW tf you have a body like that but wanna be a dyke lol. But all bs aside it could have went a totally different way. Better be glad she walked away from that one safe. Tells ya no matter what kind of woman is doing it, she just want the attention lol

  2. When I read the title and it said lights the firecracker with her butt, I was like,”Wha? That would actually take some sort of skill or ability I’ve never heard of.” Nah. she lit the firecracker in her dumb buttcheeks. I am glad that she isn’t using one of those black cats I had back in the days. That videoclip would be NSFW if she did.

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