3 Black Teens Get Arrested For Killing 6 YO Boy Who Was Left In Car By Mom

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This story is very troubling & sad, not only for this young boy, but that these 3 teens have ruined their lives by doing this.The black community are having alot of issues like this, but the MSM wont speak about it, or this liberal black politicians that we vote for (Black DNC Voters) so it keeps these terrible crimes happening because the media doesn’t want to address it.

LINK TO ARTICLE OF REFERENCE: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/local/2017/05/18/jackson-amber-alert/329460001/


These young men have no one but themselves to blame the decisions THEY made.Not white supremacy, not the on going legacy of slavery, not even their POS moms.They are SOLELY responsible for killing this young boy for absolutely nothing!


From what I can see from this story, the kid seemed happier with the relatives & that’s doesn’t make the “Grieving Mother” look like such a great mom.Despite the theatrics, at first when her son was kidnapped while in the stolen car, she seemed only concerned about her car…which make you wonder were those tears genuine or phony.

LINK TO VIDEO COMMENTARY: https://youtu.be/jfOvVALlLQ8


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2 Responses to 3 Black Teens Get Arrested For Killing 6 YO Boy Who Was Left In Car By Mom

  1. Yung Dynamic says:

    Real sad to hear that. I remember hearing that amber alert on the radio just about the whole time i was at work yesterday. Its apparent these 3 young dumb idiots messed up the rest of their lives, but that mother have me really shaking my head. If she dont get charged for neglect of child, imma be real disappointed cause her dumb ass set all this in motion

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  2. Befrantz Charles says:

    Just sick


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