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VIDEO: Crazy Black Mom Gets Charged For Shoving Child In Stroller Down Subway Stairs.

This makes me happy that some of these single mother entitlements are going to be cut because crazy women don’t need an incentive to keep having kids that they seem to hate.If this bitch didn’t want the child, give them to a family member or put them up for adoption, but don’t try to harm them because they loser who got you pregnant wants nothing to do with you.

According to

“Bronx Mom shoves toddler in stroller down subway stairs Bronx woman charged for pushing 2-year-old son strapped to stroller down subway stairs: NYPD A mother has been charged, accused of shoving her toddler strapped in a stroller down subway stairs in the Bronx Thursday.”

Jessica Mixon, 25, faces charges of reckless assault on a child, reckless endangerment and abandonment.

2063277_1280x720ARTICLE OF REFERENCE:

Women are going crazy, seems like everyday its another woman who a parent that cant handle being one, so they either harm themselves or their kids.Men need to avoid woman who show signs of being emotionally empty & unaccountable in their behavior.This story is sad, hopefully she never regains custody, for that child’s sake.


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