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Why John Wick Film Getting A “Female Franchise” Spinoff Doesn’t Make Since

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I am a big fan of what Keanu Reeves & “John Wick” director David Leitch have created with this film franchise.I know they themselves have been surprised at the success if this film & have made a formula that most actions movies have lacked for awhile. Although they have built a loyal audience (Mostly Male) they are now working on making a “Female Lead” film franchise once the John Wick films have ended.


john Wick director David Leitch has stated that he wants a John Wick Universe to include his “Atomic Blonde” movie that stars Charlize (Equal Pay) Theron in a crossover film, which I think would be a better idea than a spin-off movie to be honest. I’m sure their production team know what they are doing but joint movie would get over better with fans than a solo movie with a “Yet to be named actress” that may destroy the John Wick universe before it got started.

ARTICLE OF REFERENCE http://screenrant.com/john-wick-movie-universe-ballerina/


The morale & reasoning of this article is to basically argue that the John Wick Films need to keep it mostly niche male audience by passing the torch to another male character that will get over with them & keep the franchise going for movies to come.


MY YOUTUBE VIDEO ON THIS TOPIC https://youtu.be/oy_IyvB5p80


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