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*EXCLUSIVE* VIDEO: Colin Kaepernick’s “Black Conscious” Marks Pt2

This video is part 2 of my video series on Colin Kaepernick’s unauthentic protest & also the so called “Black Conscious” Community support of him.

PART 1 https://jdb-media.net/2017/08/14/exclusive-video-colin-kaepernick-black-conscious-marks/


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  1. Great video Bruh… So right about these conscious pimps. Even Minister Farrakhan sounding like a pimp in the pulpit talking about black athletes are slaves. Really? As for the men who are “marks” for these celebs, most are doing it to get pussy because they hear all of these women making this noise about rebellion. Not knowing that black women will be the first to shame you into going out to fight and get killed or locked up while they sit back and talk shit.

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