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SMH: Ex NFL Player Jermichael Finley’s Wife BLASTS Him For Comments On Pro Athletes Protest






Do I need to say anything more about how embarrassing & dysfunctional it is for a man’s wife to publicly “Disrespect” him & emasculate him just for social media validation? Whatever happen to standing by your man? are women like this so worried that people wont like them that they make a post seeking to explain why you support their views instead of your husband?

Now people are starting to see why men believe most westernized women are too far gone to pursue ANY serious relationship or marriage because they love likes & social media praise more than the men they marry or date.

Ex NFL TE Jermichael Finley DESTROYS Michael Bennett & Colin Kaepernick For Being Phony





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  1. A black male youtuber once said today most women or wives today would have gotten stoned to death back in Biblical times. Can’t say i disagree with that assertion. This type of behavior is sickening. Wow smh.

  2. I don't think her intention is to disrespect her ex. She had her own passionate view. I found your comments one dimensional. says:

    JayedeBlack, don’t you think that being the mother of four black boys entitles Kourtney to be able to make her own contribution to the debate affecting the society in which her children are to grow up ? She has a legitimate interest which ascends her ethnicity. This is the most important point, and I don’t

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