*EXCLUSIVE* VIDEO: The Black Woman’s “Money” Is God

Yup, black women’s money is god almighty to pro black movements & ideology of the hustlers in Dashikis. Alot of these women have low self esteem & have never had strong male role models int heir lives.These conscious SIMPS take advantage of that insecurity & put these women on a pedestal that’s doesn’t really exist.


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About Jaye De Black

I am a blogger & Youtuber with an interesting perspective on things that interest me.
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2 Responses to *EXCLUSIVE* VIDEO: The Black Woman’s “Money” Is God

  1. Yung Dynamic says:

    The black conscious group are like the pickup artists of the black community. They are predator, black women are prey

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  2. Antwan moman says:

    This was very insightful and educational in showing black women they have to have accountability, self respect,not be naive, sexually responsible and have self introspection to love yourself to do better.


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