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ESPN’s Jemele Hill’s Twitter Goons TROLL Black Youtuber Because Of His Video!!

This video was made because of the emotional,argumentative, idiotic behavior of this woman who seems to get a pass from the lame stream media because she is black & female.She trolls Dez Bryant because he wont protest the national anthem, she calls the president of this country a “White Supremacist” even though she works for the biggest (White Owned) Corporation in sports.

If she was a conservative, she have already been fired by now but because she is a low key black feminist SJW, she wont be held accountable for her unprofessional behavior.The link below is to a forum full of lame, weak, captain save a hoes who are white knighting for her by posting my video to DISS me because of my opinion.

I honestly DGAF  what these lame, idiot black men have to say in a fucking forum, she has showed a pattern of behavior that, if she was a conservative, would have gotten her FIRED!







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