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SAD: Mary J Blige Says She’s BROKE & Owe’s Label $25M In Advance Money

This divorce with her ex husband seems to be getting alot worse…


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  1. Smh the life of a celebrity…they can have that damn shit. I wouldnt want to fool with Hollywood and the music industry for nothing cause eventually you will owe something

  2. But i dont think anybody really truly own their own catalog, i mean prince right before he died was fighting tryna get the master rights to his songs. I will tell anybody anything involving the mainstream, I wouldnt do it. You can fucked over like this in a heartbeat.

  3. Mary, mary, i thought you would of been business minded enough to own your own music catalog at least. She should of curved those bad spending habits, had a plan to get her own label, budget, not keep asking for those advancements knowing you have to pay them back with interest. Sigh…..

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