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IG Model BLASTS Bills Safety Jordan Poyer For Cheating…But She Cheated On Him First.

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This goes to show you no matter how successful you are as a man, a woman is still gonna find a way to be sneaky & cheat.Just look at Jordan’s wife Rachel Bush who not only unfollowed him but posted a photo of the girl who was with (Allegedly another Ig model) but in a subtle way she then admits she cheated too.

Here is a tweet from Jordan Poyer explaining his transgressions…


Rachel posts these screens shots to reveal who he cheated with…

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Lol…now the same woman who posted the other woman (Sommer Ray) then posts this basically telling on herself with this post —–>


Here are more pics of Rachel…

Jordan-Poyers-Girlfriend-Rachel-Bush-Instagram-2    rachel-bush-instagram-hot-butt-fhm  LeBron-James-Rachel-Bush-2      FullSizeRender-41   Cf3DbdAWsAEUTrr  5b5b67fb4ef80

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