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Clout Chasing Groupie BLASTS Jaguars DB Jalen Ramsey For BLOCKING Her On IG!

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Idk if its in the water or hair products but these chicks clout chasing is going too far. I’m not the biggest fan of Jalen Ramsey but I can definitely agree with him curving & blocking her after there DM conversation she exposed.

Here are the screenshots…

Sami-Dagher-Jalen-Ramsey-7-563x1000 Sami-Dagher-Jalen-Ramsey-2-1-563x1000 Djzd8flXsAAJ1Ia


This man just had a new kid with his girlfriend & what does this thot do? Go & post screenshot DM’s seeking to clout chase because she was upset she got blocked. He may have thought about it & realized he made a mistake & that’s why he blocked her & moved on.

Pics Of Samantha Daugher…

Sami-Dagher-Jalen-Ramsey-6Sami-Dagher-Jalen-Ramsey-2-595x851     Sami-Dagher-Jalen-Ramsey-3-595x715 12139770_115229512175199_1801245069_n 12224284_157478717940246_131061682_n

This thizzot is salty & wants revenge by try to publicly embarrass him, but doesn’t realize most Jags fans will side with him & she will be forgotten about by the start of the season.

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  1. Even if nothing happened, once again we see how these white girls get black men in trouble. Brothers need to stop taking the bait.

  2. He tried to fuck around in the DM’s and she wants to expose him…

    They’re both guilty of dumb fuckery.

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