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VIDEO: IG Model Brittney Renner “BOASTS” About Sleeping W/ Rappers & Entertainers

This is exactly why men have to problem smashing & dashing these Instagram thots. They seem to take pride in being used by these dudes nowadays but its the life they chose.

Here Are Pics Of Brittney…

Brittany-Renner-bio-300x300 1080full-brittany-renner-1024x1024

brittany-renner-5 Brittany-Renner2


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  1. I had saw the video where she did her own hoe fax. Didn’t see the one with Tekashi 69 until you said something about it. RE-FUCKING-VOLTING. She cancelled her shot of getting wifed up by a dude of means whether square, hood or baller. Nothing about tekashi 69 says longevity. Such a shame for a girl that pretty

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