Culture Wars

VIDEO: IG Model & SIMP Producer Use Tinder To TRICK 100’s Of Men W/ “Fake” Date To Embarrass Them.

This video speaks for itself (just look at the thumbs down).I could have never imagine that one moment of attention seeking bliss for this failed model/actress would bring MORE men together but it did.

Here Are Some Pics Of Natasha Aponte…

unnamed Screenshot_2018-08-23 NATASHA APONTE on Instagram “🥀 📸 jakubphoto #like #follow #nyc #me #rooseveltisland #model #actress[...] Screenshot_2018-08-23 NATASHA APONTE on Instagram “My last instagram post 🐢 I_ll be logging off social media for a while t[...]

Screenshot_2018-08-23 NATASHA APONTE on Instagram “The calmness it brings to know who you are and what you want 🍃🍃 📸 sho[...] Screenshot_2018-08-23 NATASHA APONTE on Instagram “When in Paris 🇵🇷🇩🇴 🇫🇷 Proud to be Latina • • • • #love #paris #tho[...]

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