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WOW: Cardi B ADMITS She Used Sex To DRUG & ROB Men For Money…

Screenshot_2019-03-24 cardi b drugged men - Google Search

This Has To Be The Most Disturbing Video I Have Seen From A Music Artist So Far. Cardi B Basically Admitted To Committing Crimes Against Men & Had No Self Awareness To Realize That Because She Is Too Emotional To Understand It.


Cardi B’s Fans Are Some Of The Most Delusional People I Have Ever Seen! Alot Of Them Are Cosigning What She Said Which Is Very Troubling.







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  1. God help this american society, and you know what’s worse is that the black community is being greatly affected by this debauchery and foolishness with a vast majority of BW and simps endorsing this kind of dysfunctional behavior smh!!😧🤦🏾‍♂️

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