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The BSP Podcast EP12: Why BIack Women, Liberal White Women & S.I.M.P.S Hate Donald Trump?

This Latest Episode Of The B.S.P Podcast, I Will Speak Why Their Are Certain Groups Who Display Misplaced Anger At Trump. Whether You Support Him Or Not, It Is Very Telling How They React When Anyone Goes Against They Narrative Of Hate Towards Him.


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  1. This whole year has been chaotic. Plus these black women like the ones Tommy and Jaye talks about the are ten times worst. Plus they just like Mad Maxine Waters are the gatekeepers for the Democrat Party and these Leftists elites. I call Mad Maxine a slavecatching dog for the Democrat plantation.

  2. Great video! You talking truth about people want to stay on democrats plantation, and you should vote whatever you want to vote for, if you don’t you are an slave.

  3. 1994 crime bill Good.. Nuff said! Joe Biden is a crackhead cold hearted racist to the Core. Kamala Harris the con! She Enjoyed locking up black folks in California as district attorney. For truancy violations even though those families were homeless. Respect! Jdb

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