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*EXCLUSIVE* VIDEO: The Black Woman’s “Money” Is God

Yup, black women’s money is god almighty to pro black movements & ideology of the hustlers in Dashikis. Alot of these women have low self esteem & have never had strong male role models int heir lives.These conscious SIMPS take … Continue reading

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SMH: Ex NFL Player Jermichael Finley’s Wife BLASTS Him For Comments On Pro Athletes Protest

  Do I need to say anything more about how embarrassing & dysfunctional it is for a man’s wife to publicly “Disrespect” him & emasculate him just for social media validation? Whatever happen to standing by your man? are women … Continue reading

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PHOTOS: Guy Does Photo Shoot With His 2 Baby Mamas

      This is why the black community lacks morality & has no accountable behavior from either black men or black women.This photo shoot shows how desperate some black women are to be with another woman’s man & how … Continue reading

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PHOTOS: Ex NFL Player Chris Chambers “Stalker” Turned Wife…

        …This is why there are so many females now being side chicks to married men because they believe they will be that guys’ wife one day.This female proves why most women are NOT marriage material because … Continue reading

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