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VIDEO: Two Black Women Have HEATED Debate Colorism & Skin Bleaching

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Leslie Jones & Unattractive Women With Unreasonable Dating Standards

Megan Good Gave Some Dating Advice To Leslie Jones Who Seems To Have Unreasonable Standards In The Guys She Wants To Date.

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Why Interracial Dating “Dream Selling” Is Now A Business

For people who may not pay attention to social media dating or even outside of it, there is a trend now of IR dating guru’s who are convincing women (Mostly black) to seek non black men to date.Its understandable for … Continue reading

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Black Women Are Now UPSET At Kim Kardashian Wearing Braids?!

This stream was to speak on black women being really upset at Kim K wearing braids & beads but not giving credit to African women who create the style.But i wanted to talk about the hypocrisy in how they themselves … Continue reading

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