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VIDEO: Fat Black Single Mom FIGHTS While Holding Her Baby In A High School

This women decided to go to a school (While holding her baby) to fight some other ratchet female? She made herself look like a complete idiot & bad mother trying to fight & holding a child, smh this is what … Continue reading

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2 Ignorant Black Female Teachers FIGHT In A Classroom full Of Students

This is exactly why my kids wont attend public schooling, because of bs like this. I’m not talking about all public schools but I am speaking on most of them base off the fact they hire low quality teachers who … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Pharrell Williams Says Women’s Rights Should Be More Important

Pharrell Williams sure did stick with the liberal script by pushing the baseless narrative that women are not equal to men.When are people going to understand that these celebrities are nothing more than empty corporations suits (Or Graduate Gowns). I’m … Continue reading

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Why Are Black Trump Supporters Shamed Into Not Supporting Him?

I made this video to respond to criticism of videos I made speaking out on the lamestream media attacking his every move or words.Its mostly other black people who take issue with me making these videos, but these people are … Continue reading

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