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Wendy Williams ADMITS She Is Tired Of #MeToo Movement

This is my response to Wendy Williams comments on the #MeToo movement & how is getting out of control. Advertisements

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How “SJW ESPN” Chose Politics Over Their Sports Fans

  This video proves how far Espn has fallen into the “politics in sports” trap that alot of athletes & bloggers are gotten into.The election of Donald Trump has shown who the alot of these people really are & how … Continue reading

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Why The Growing SIMP Culture Is A Problem? Pt.1

This is one of my BEST video commentaries on the state of western men & how the simping culture is growing.This commentary is for red pill men & purple pill men seeking to understand female nature.  

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*BANNED* VIDEO: Most Single Mothers Have NO Redeemable Qualities

This video was flagged from YouTube because of butt-hurt, unattractive single mothers who are upset that men aren’t trying to date them long term or marry them.Why cant people just disagree or ignore YouTube videos instead of taking down videos … Continue reading

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