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Cam Newton’s Apology Proves Money & Fame Is A Burden To Black Men.

This video I posted on my YouTube page was of NFL QB Cam Newton apologizing to female reporter for harmless joke (which was really no big deal) but she & feminist social media attacked him for it.Even Jemele Hill defended … Continue reading

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How “SJW ESPN” Chose Politics Over Their Sports Fans

  This video proves how far Espn has fallen into the “politics in sports” trap that alot of athletes & bloggers are gotten into.The election of Donald Trump has shown who the alot of these people really are & how … Continue reading

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JAYE N THE N3WZ PODCAST #2: Jemele Hill Might Get Fired,Mel B Got Exposed?, Scarlett Johansson Chooses Career Over Family.

The main topic of this podcast to speak is to speak on hypocrisy of people in the media, especially the ones who support Jemele Hill saying what ever & still being able to work a corporate job.No matter what proof … Continue reading

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ESPN’s Jemele Hill’s Twitter Goons TROLL Black Youtuber Because Of His Video!!

This video was made because of the emotional,argumentative, idiotic behavior of this woman who seems to get a pass from the lame stream media because she is black & female.She trolls Dez Bryant because he wont protest the national anthem, … Continue reading

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