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K.Michelle Runs Topless At Atlantic Records Office For Attention

Well this isn’t the first time she has done this kind of thot behavior at her label office. There is a video of her running nude through the Atlantic Records office like an attention seeking idiot. This is also the … Continue reading

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A Man Broadcasts On Facebook Live Before Jumping From A Window To Avoid Being Arrested!

SMH Facebook live seems to be were people go to either commit crimes or do harm to themselves.This may be another example of why Facebook needs to do more to keep this from being put on their platform than worrying about … Continue reading

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Spoiled Brat Teen Destroys Her Mothers Possessions For Lying To Her!!

I really wouldn’t care if her mother decided to kick her out of the house for doing this dumb shit.This spoiled teen thot think its ok to destroy kitchen ware she didn’t even buy because she’s mad. There is no … Continue reading

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A Girl Catches Her Man’s Side Chick Coming Over,Than BEATS Her Up!!

I really don’t get why women date these lame beta males who like watching women fight over them. This guy is literally watching his main chick beat on his side chick who he prolly called to come over to his … Continue reading

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