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Chick Tells Her “Side Dude” That Shes Pregnant & He May Be The Father

Idk what is worse about this video, the fact that making her business public or that she doesn’t take this situation seriously. She rather play games with the side dude than actually figure out who the child’s father could be. … Continue reading

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How A Better Attitude Can Help Benefit Your Life

There are certain things that can keep us from being productive, an a bad attitude is one that can be harmful to us & the people around us.Knowing where our problems are can be of great benefit in the long … Continue reading

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The REAL REASON They Like Being Side Chicks

Their are alot of young, attractive women who are seeking to be with unavailable men more & more.They don’t see single men as an option, mostly because they are very dysfunctional & don’t know what a good man is.So they … Continue reading

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RED PILL STREAM: Albert Haynesworth & Beta Male Attention Seekers

This stream with a classic! Not only did I drop some red pill knowledge, speak on Albert Haynesworth epic fail & ROASTED a beta male live on stream LOL.   DONATE TO MY WEBSITE & SUPPORT THE CONTENT: PAYPAL: https://www.paypal.me/JayeDeBlackContinue reading

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