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RED PILL STREAM: Albert Haynesworth & Beta Male Attention Seekers

This stream with a classic! Not only did I drop some red pill knowledge, speak on Albert Haynesworth epic fail & ROASTED a beta male live on stream LOL.   DONATE TO MY WEBSITE & SUPPORT THE CONTENT: PAYPAL: https://www.paypal.me/JayeDeBlackContinue reading

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LIVE SHOW: Kevin Hart’s Side Chick Speaks Out

This video was a livestream from YouTube that I’m putting here on my website about Kevin Hart’s side chick & Lisa Bloom having press conference about her non involvement in the extortion scam.

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Black Men Achieve Greatness When They Are With Non Black Women?

This was vintage Jaye De Black commentary (LMAO) from YouTube that I am putting here on the site.The commentary is very scathing but it is also true if you look at the hypocrisy When black men date or marry non … Continue reading

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ESPN’s Jemele Hill’s Twitter Goons TROLL Black Youtuber Because Of His Video!!

This video was made because of the emotional,argumentative, idiotic behavior of this woman who seems to get a pass from the lame stream media because she is black & female.She trolls Dez Bryant because he wont protest the national anthem, … Continue reading

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