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RED PILL STREAM: Albert Haynesworth & Beta Male Attention Seekers

This stream with a classic! Not only did I drop some red pill knowledge, speak on Albert Haynesworth epic fail & ROASTED a beta male live on stream LOL.   DONATE TO MY WEBSITE & SUPPORT THE CONTENT: PAYPAL: https://www.paypal.me/JayeDeBlackContinue reading

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Black Men Achieve Greatness When They Are With Non Black Women?

This was vintage Jaye De Black commentary (LMAO) from YouTube that I am putting here on the site.The commentary is very scathing but it is also true if you look at the hypocrisy When black men date or marry non … Continue reading

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Black Rep. Kevin Martin “Allegedly” Now Dating Conservative T.v. Show Host Tomi Lahren

Well just by looking at the post below there are gonna people who get in their feeling about his brotha dating Tomi Lahren based off of her political views.Whats funny is that some of these same people who will criticize … Continue reading

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PHOTOS: Ex NFL Player Chris Chambers “Stalker” Turned Wife…

        …This is why there are so many females now being side chicks to married men because they believe they will be that guys’ wife one day.This female proves why most women are NOT marriage material because … Continue reading

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