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Chick Tells Her “Side Dude” That Shes Pregnant & He May Be The Father

Idk what is worse about this video, the fact that making her business public or that she doesn’t take this situation seriously. She rather play games with the side dude than actually figure out who the child’s father could be. … Continue reading

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  This video was on my YouTube channel but decided to out it here for my supporters who may not have seen it.One of my videos on single mothers got flagged by over emotional,SUPER sensitive females who are probably single … Continue reading

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*BANNED* VIDEO: Most Single Mothers Have NO Redeemable Qualities

This video was flagged from YouTube because of butt-hurt, unattractive single mothers who are upset that men aren’t trying to date them long term or marry them.Why cant people just disagree or ignore YouTube videos instead of taking down videos … Continue reading

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Reasons On How Male Leadership Has RUINED Millennial Men?

There are millennial men who are now dealing with having no legacy & nothing built for them to run or father figures to guide them.So it is up to “US” to build something for families & ourselves.

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