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RED PILL STREAM: Albert Haynesworth & Beta Male Attention Seekers

This stream with a classic! Not only did I drop some red pill knowledge, speak on Albert Haynesworth epic fail & ROASTED a beta male live on stream LOL.   DONATE TO MY WEBSITE & SUPPORT THE CONTENT: PAYPAL: https://www.paypal.me/JayeDeBlackContinue reading

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VIDEO: Cleveland Cavaliers Lockeroom ALLEGEDLY Smelled Of Weed After Game 2

This video speaks for itself, the media is really looking for reason why the Cavs haven’t played well, this is not one of those reasons.

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VIDEO: Dwyane Wade’s Ex Wife Prove Bitter Women Cant Move On After A Breakup

This video proves how bitter women can be if their ex moves on & is doing better without them.She got a good divorce settlement but spent it all on BS & now wants to sue her lawyer because she is … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Angry Black Mother BLASTS Scottie Pippen and Kobe Bryant For Speaking To Her Son

  This foul mouth mom is upset that her son’s idol was not what he thought, so instead of being upset at herself for failing to give him better role models, she goes on a rant against Kobe & Scottie … Continue reading

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