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Why Interracial Dating “Dream Selling” Is Now A Business

For people who may not pay attention to social media dating or even outside of it, there is a trend now of IR dating guru’s who are convincing women (Mostly black) to seek non black men to date.Its understandable for … Continue reading

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*EXCLUSIVE* VIDEO:How Jackie Christie EXPOSED Black Female Lust For “Non” Black Men

This video basically validates everything black men are saying about the majority of modern day black women, they LOVE white men & have no shame in admitting it.Jackie Christie is an middle aged ratchet colorist who shows why black men … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Dear Black Men: Stay Away From White Women Who Only Date Black Guys

This video is about why black men should not date who who only see them as a “Loser’s Choice” & cant get men of high social status their own race to date them.

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