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YouTube Now Censoring Black Male Channels

    YouTube is becoming more “feminist & beta male” friendly with these unnecessary changes to their guidelines, but losing advertisers & bad media perception can make people do extreme things. One of my channels almost got completely demonetized due … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Stephen A.Smith RESPONDS To Kevin Durant’s Mom Criticism Of Him & DISSES Espn

Stephen A.Smith is dealing with alot, so its good able to be himself on first take & opinionated on topics, especially on what Kevin Durant’ mom said about him.I know she was defending him but Stephen A. is on a … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Crazy Black Mom Gets Charged For Shoving Child In Stroller Down Subway Stairs.

This makes me happy that some of these single mother entitlements are going to be cut because crazy women don’t need an incentive to keep having kids that they seem to hate.If this bitch didn’t want the child, give them … Continue reading

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AUDIO: Judge Mathis DESTROYS Wendy Williams After She Gets Disrespectful During Radio Interview (2003)

This is clip is from an interview on Wendy Williams radio show that turned into a “Classic Rant” by judge Mathis who was annoyed by her gossipy questions.He checked her like no other & she needed it because she is … Continue reading

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